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Tesla Model S Plaid Vs Lucid Air Dream Edition: All The Key Differences

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Rivalries abound in the automotive industry. There’s General Motors vs. Ford, Ferrari vs. Lamborghini, and a slew of others. However, these well-known competitions primarily focus around the old-fashioned combustion engine. A new rivalry is forming in the electric vehicle world. The focus is clear as we look ahead to the future. The automotive industry is transitioning to a more environmentally-friendly mode of production. New, all-electric cars are being released by luxury automakers on a regular basis.

In the EV sector, these two 2022 electric cars have a rivalry unlike any other. Tesla vs. Lucid is the topic at hand. When it comes to the strategy for the electric vehicle business, it’s safe to say that Tesla is at the vanguard. However, Lucid Motors, based in California, has decided to compete head on with Tesla and CEO Elon Musk. The Lucid Air is one of the most luxurious electric automobiles, defying convention in every aspect. Lucid Motors is best known for supplying battery packs to Formula E race cars. Therefore, this is among the most talked-about automobiles of the year.

These two electric vehicles are frequently contrasted while the electric vehicle market is booming. Let us compare the Lucid Air Dream Edition to the Tesla Model S Plaid.

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Tesla Plaid Vs Lucid Dream: Speed ​​And Range

The powertrain and range are the first features that stand out in an electric vehicle. These two vehicles have a lot in common, according to the specs sheet. Tesla’s Model S Plaid is the most powerful vehicle the company has ever produced. The Plaid has a whopping 1,020 horsepower and speeds up from 0 to 60 mph in under two seconds. That makes it the fastest electric car in production, with a maximum speed of 200 mph.

The Lucid Air has a staggering 1,111 horsepower, which is slightly more than the Tesla Model S Plaid. As a result, we can expect a competitive race on the track. It has a top speed of 165 mph and can accelerate to 60 mph in under 2.5 seconds.

One of the most important qualities to look for in an electric car, especially when commuting long distances, is the range. According to the EPA, Lucid’s top-of-the-line Air Dream Edition has a range of 520 miles on a full charge. That’s over 100 miles further than the Tesla Model S Long Range.

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The Battle Of The Interiors

The Lucid Air Interior.
Via: Lucid Motors Media Room

The interior of both EVs is the second important distinction that we can easily detect just by glancing at it. By far, Tesla’s interior design is the most elegant and minimalist of its competitors. Tesla is clearly differentiating itself from other EVs with its unique yoke design steering wheel, which has both merits and cons. The 17-inch touch screen, which almost controls everything electric on the car, is the next thing that springs to mind.

The Lucid Air interior, on the other hand, appears and feels modern. Lucid approaches this with the 34.0-inch floating 5k display screen that forms a beautiful centerpiece to an incredibly well-trimmed and elegant interior. The largest infotainment touchscreen is on the right-lower side, which users can conceal it if necessary. It’s the main setup unit with a lot of options, beautiful visuals, and the ability to save driver profiles. The materials and design provide a classic look sense, which is more in keeping with Volvo’s style.

In addition to the digital displays, there are quite a few highly tactile, precision-milled external controls. These include ribbed turbines on the steering wheel, a volume control roller, and alloy toggle switches to modify the temperature control system, which Tesla abandoned years ago and is simply a nice touch to have. Tesla has a cleaner, more futuristic approach.

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Seat Comfort And Price

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Via: Tesla.com

While Tesla sells their automobile for its next-gen technology and sportiness, it falls a bit behind in the luxury department when compared to Lucid Dream. While the Lucid Air is a high-end luxury car, the company is certain that they will regard it as such when it arrives. When compared to Tesla, Lucid places a major emphasis on comfort and customer experience.

As seen in the video above, YouTuber Tesla Raj Nicely demonstrates the comfort of the seats in both automobiles with his friend Derrick, who stands 6.5-feet tall. Raj describes how Lucid traded headroom in exchange for extra legroom by slanting the back design for better aerodynamics. In order to sit comfortably in the Lucid, Derrick had to angle his head. But Derrick sits comfortably in the Tesla with plenty of headroom, whereas the Plaid has to make concessions in the legroom department. This clearly implies that if you want more rear headroom, go for the Plaid, and if you want more legroom, choose the Lucid Dream.

Finally, the Tesla Model S Plaid starts at $136,990 and goes up from there. The Lucid EV is more expensive at $169,000, but when you’re already over $150,000, it doesn’t seem to matter. The Tesla isn’t quite as opulent as the Lucid Air, but it’s much quicker.

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