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Porsche 911 Safari Dakar Prototype Testing in Snow

Porsche 911 Safari Dakar Prototype Testing in Snow
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Porsche has been testing its highly anticipated Safari 911 for some time now. The first time we saw a test mule of the new model was over a year ago when Porsche arrived at the Nürburgring with a peculiar prototype. Since then, we’ve seen dozens of spy shots and videos of the car. This newest clip out of Scandinavia is our best look yet at the 911 Safari in near-production form.

The CarSpyMedia YouTube channel was on the scene at a winter testing site in northern Europe to catch footage of the high-riding 911 sports car frolicking through an icy patch of road somewhere in the forest. Though we don’t see much sideways drift action, we are able to get a few detailed glances at the car, which some outlets speculate will be called the 911 Dakar.

The taller ride height is only the beginning of what we can spot. There are also reworked front and rear bumpers, specific wheels, and a wing that looks to be borrowed from one of the company’s optional aero kits. Powertrain remains a mystery, though from the sounds of it, expect to see a variant of the car’s twin-turbo flat-six appear in the production model.

We expect Porsche to reveal this 911 variant sometime this year, considering how close it looks to production form in this video. In an ideal world, it’ll be available with a manual transmission and rear-wheel-drive, though at this point that’s just hopeful speculation. We’ll have to wait until the car is official to find out for sure.

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