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You’re here is one of the fastest-rising automobile brands in modern history (or perhaps of all time) due to its innovation and what it offered in the market. One of the main reasons behind Tesla’s popularity in North America is its Model S. The electric sedan is such an amazing EV that it combines the best of two worlds. It blends the tech, comfort, and space of a luxury sedan and the power of a proper sports car in one machine.

Tesla introduced the sedan in 2012, and for the most part, it has remained unchained overall. Sure, there have been minor changes here and there, but it’s still in its first generation. There have been redesigns and tech upgrades, but no facelift yet. This time again, there has been a slight redesign for the 2022 electric car.

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Most Notable Changes: The Tesla Plaid’s Rear Bumper​​​

The most recognizable change in the back is the redesigned taillight. Compared to the taillights we saw in the Model S in December last year, the new ones are much more streamlined when they go horizontally. The black bar in the middle no longer extends into the taillight. The corner lights and reverse lights are completely surrounded by the big red closed taillight structure. We can’t say what it is exactly, but there’s something about it that somehow makes the Model S look more like a sedan than before. It looks more sensible now.

Speaking of, there’s a better, more sensible charging port in this new design. It’s way less complicated than the previous one with no lights, and it’s bigger too, looking like an inverted version of the port door on the Model 3 and Y. On the back, there’s also a new design of the plaid graphic badges that looks very aggressive and might not be up everyone’s alley.

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The Front Received A Couple Changes Too

The headlight retains a similar outer shape, and it has the same silhouette as the current one but a bit slimmer. But the inner lighting is different this time. It seems that Tesla has fitted the headlights with the LED Matrix that enables the selective dimming feature. This is very useful to prevent blinding for people coming from the opposite direction and thus, causing fewer accidents.

The outer LED lights are now a bit thicker than current ones as well. Other than that, there are no major changes to the whole front bumper. Even the side profile is the same. Yet again, we have to make do with another Model S with the same basic design. Perhaps we will see the Model S get the same treatment as the new Roadster in a year or two.

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