Nebraska mechanic gives tips on saving gas as prices increase

Nebraska mechanic gives tips on saving gas as prices increase
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Back in the 70s lines for expensive gas drove the recession and the national speed limit on the highways was 55 mph.

Joel Haver owns Haver’s Auto Repair. He says it’s the simple things that will help save fuel like keeping your tires properly inflated.

“Newer cars are getting higher pressures normally they’re going to be between 33 and 36 PSI that’s number one thing, second thing is when its cold outside we all like to idle our cars, we like to use our auto starts if you can only let it run about five minutes instead of the full 15 you’re gonna save fuel that way,” said Haver.

Joel says we can also save trips to the gas pump by reducing the amount of stuff we carry around in our vehicles.

“Baseball bats you know all their golf clubs, your golf clubs, were you’re not using them don’t leave them in the trunk of the car it’s adding more weight onto the vehicle.”

All the little things might help a bit but with prices on their way to $5 a gallon, every little bit helps. Easing up off the gas pedal is another thing drivers can do to increase gas mileage.

Chris Barrett is a cross-country truck driver and says driving 55 is a thing of the past and it’s tough for American drivers to slow down.

“To go 55 mph adds so much extra time to anybody’s commute and in these days especially in the world we live in, everybody wants things now now now and you see the delays and even in trucking the electronic logs everybody’s limited to the amount of time they can drive and if you’re down to 55 mph you’re not making very much money,” said Barrett.

With better technology, better gas, and safer cars, Haver says there’s no need to set a 55 mph national speed limit.

“I just can’t see it with the technologies of these cars nowadays they would ever get that passed, I think that’s one thing we would really buck on as American no we’re not reducing our speed.”

Now here in Nebraska, we open up on the highways to a legal 70 mph, and if you’re out here you know the traffic flows much faster.

Some of the drivers 6 News talked to believe setting a national speed limit wouldn’t work today.

“I was a little kid I remember those fuel lines at my dad’s gas station they were outrageous cause they had to slow down so we could save fuel,” said Haver.

Joel Haver believes going back in time is not the answer to today’s issues.

“No not today unless we get into some major major oil crisis of some sort.”

Joel says with today’s modern cars tune-ups aren’t needed as much and if your car is having issues the check engine light should give you a warning.

“You can still go the speed limit which is good but the key is how you get to that speed limit, throttle all the way to the floor you’re burning a bunch of fuel right going off the tail pipe but if you’re just nice smooth acceleration it makes a big big difference on fuel mileage,” said Haver.

Right now no one is talking about reducing the national speed limit but there is talk of stopping the flow of Russian oil and that could speed up the price increase on gas stations across the country.

Haver says there are simple things we can do to help reduce our gas milage like making sure our tires are properly inflated and reducing the amount of time we take warming up our cars.

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