How will Michigan drivers receive their $400 refund checks? – The Oakland Press

How will Michigan drivers receive their $400 refund checks? – The Oakland Press
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Michiganders who own or lease insured vehicles are starting to receive $400 refunds as a result of a state surplus.

The Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association has initiated the transfer of $3 billion in surplus funds to Michigan drivers, with some already starting to receive their $400 per insured vehicle refunds in the mail or via direct deposit.

Govt. Gretchen Whitmer said auto insurers are required to issue the refunds no later than May 9. Michigan drivers do not need to take any action to receive the money.

“Our bipartisan auto insurance reforms have significantly lowered the cost of auto insurance for families. And starting this week, thanks to that reform, Michiganders are getting $400 refund checks per vehicle for every insured driver, putting money in people’s pockets,” said Whitmer. “We will continue working to save Michiganders money so they can pay their bills and put food on the table.”

Who is eligible?

  • Anyone who had a vehicle, motorcycle, or RV that was insured by a policy that meets the minimum insurance requirements to operate on Michigan roads as of 11:59 pm on Oct. 31, 2021, is eligible to receive a refund for that vehicle.
  • Eligible Michigan policyholders will receive $400 per vehicle, or $80 per historic vehicle.
  • Refunds must be delivered in the form of checks or direct deposit.

Michigan drivers are being encouraged to confirm that their that auto insurer has the correct address and banking information on file as this could cause delays in receiving the money.

Eligible drivers who do not receive their refunds by the May 9 should contact their auto insurer or agent.


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