Gas Station Simulator’s Car Wash Update Just Isn’t That Exciting

Gas Station Simulator's Car Wash Update Just Isn't That Exciting
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Gas Station Simulator just opened up its Car Wash to players, but it’s not as robust as other jobs around the Dusty Bowl and needs some improvements.

The unexpectedly successful simulation game, Gas Station Simulator, has received a free major update recently, allowing players to finally open up the Car Wash. It seems like this would be the perfect addition to a dusty, rural roadside gas station, and it has some of the silliness, but instead feels more like a grind than an upgrade. It’s missing a few components to bring it together and there isn’t much progression in how it operates or looks. Hopefully, this will be resolved with future updates and is the prelude to something bigger coming, but for now, the Car Wash is less than fun.

Gas Station Simulator was released earlier this year and received high praise for standing out in the Simulation genre with its quirkiness and simple but fun gameplay. When we first reviewed it, we talked about the surrounding areas of the Dusty Bowl that may open up and how excited we were to see how they would operate. The car wash is an addition with lots of potential that it will hopefully reach with a bit more work.

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Washing cars in Gas Station Simulator

Players won’t instantly gain access to this new feature, but instead must pay to unlock it like other areas of the station. Even then, it won’t work right away. They will have to traverse to a new and unexpected area located in the Junkyard. The Sewers are bigger than one would expect, spreading out under the land, and even have a shortcut by the Gas Station via a manhole. The player will have to find the power switch to reactivate the pump, then locate it and clean out the trash by feeding it to a sewer gator to keep the water pressure steady. Two interesting things are learned here: sewer gators, this one named Gustave, can be cuddly, and the Dusty Bowl cleans cars with sewer water.

Once the Car Wash is running, players will be in charge of cleaning customers’ cars using a pressure washer. It’s as simple as it sounds, spraying away dirt with a Photoshop-like brush swipe. One would assume that, like other tasks, players would be able to delegate the work to an employee. This is not the case, at least not for now. Only the player can operate the Car Wash and it can become tedious after a while, especially trying to get at all the nooks and crannies. This isn’t alleviated by upgrading the Car Wash either.

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Gustave the friendly sewer gator

With the addition of this upgrade, the only factor that really changes is how much water or water pressure the washer has. There are no minor upgrades to make washing faster or easier nor even a change to the look of the Car Wash unless the player buys a few palm trees. The only major appearance change happens to the machine in the sewer, which gets bigger and adds more hoses. It’s a shame since the upgrades are costly too. Getting it to level three alone will set the player back $8000. The final upgrade is the only one that really matters as it fully automates the Car Wash.

The Car Wash is a good addition that can make players a good amount of money but is tedious until the final upgrade. The fact that the work can’t be assigned to employees only makes it more frustrating. It just seems to be missing some in-between steps and extra services like the garage has. Other areas of the Gas Station have more steps and expansions when upgrading, so it’s odd to see this update missing those components here. Hopefully, future updates or DLC for Gas Station Simulator will fix this or add more substantial tasks with future additions.

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