Gas Station Simulator is one of the most engaging simulation titles seen in years — MP3s & NPCs

Gas Station Simulator is one of the most engaging simulation titles seen in years — MP3s & NPCs
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Simulator games have been all the rage over the years. Nearly every aspect of life has an accompanying simulator game. With a slew of simulation titles based on the road, it wouldn’t be long until there was one centered around the beloved gas station. Since the first gas station opened back in 1888 in Germany, these facilities have been vital for those long road trips across the country. Best known for their simulation titles such as Plane Mechanic Simulator and Car Wash SimulatorMovie Games adds another game to its unique catalog with Gas Station Simulator.

As a kid living in New Jersey, I would ride with my grandfather to the gas station on multiple occasions. While I never stepped foot inside those gas stations, I was intrigued by what was possibly inside those facilities. This game doesn’t land you in the middle of a booming urban city or a metropolis area. Instead, you’re taking care of a station in the middle of the desert. While many simulator games drop you into action, this one has an interesting storyline. You purchased land owned by your grandfather, and your uncle decides to help you out. Unfortunately, things get a bit messy on the financial side, which is where the game truly begins.

Starting off, you’ll have to take care of the basics such as getting the power turned on and cleaning up the spot. After everything is settled in, it’s time to open the gas station to the general public. From a first-person perspective, you’ll have to run around and make sure tasks such as filling up gas, running the cash register, and playing car mechanic in the garage are completed. Aside from that, you’ll have to make sure your inventory and fuel is intact.

After a while, you’ll be able to hire people to help run certain aspects of the gas station. Each person has their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, one person can be extremely skilled at running a cash register but can be awful at cleaning up the spot. This is optional, though; during my playthrough, I enjoyed hopping around each task, and with the game’s smooth controls, it was a cinch.

It’s important to keep customers happy to obtain a higher popularity level. A higher level means more customers heading to your establishment, which means more money in your account. Things such as a messy gas station or overfilling on the gas can lead to a decrease in fame.

Gas Station Simulator isn’t afraid to have some wild moments in the middle of nowhere. Whether you’re deal with a party bus full of dancing aliens or having to stop the local troublemaker Dennis from painting graffiti on your place, there’s always something keeping you on your toes.

While glitches are a common thing in games, one glitch, in particular, made for an amusing experience. After collecting my delivery in the warehouse, the truck driver walked in place for several minutes. During this time, I continued helping customers to make a profit. When things were clear, I tried moving them with the broom, which led to me nearly flipping the truck over. After I rebooted the game, things were back to normal as the driver got into the truck, but there was one issue: I accidentally knocked the truck into the corner of the warehouse before resetting the game. Using my trusted broom, however, I was able to sweep them towards the entrance so they can hit the road again.

In shorts, Gas Station Simulator can send even the most jaded ex-simulation gamer back into the fold. With so much to do, you can find yourself playing this title for hours on end. You’ll probably never look at a gas station the same way again after playing this one.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Gas Station Simulator is available on Steam right now with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions arriving in 2022.

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