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10 Pickup Trucks You’ll Most Likely Regret Buying

10 Pickup Trucks You'll Most Likely Regret Buying
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Over the last 20 years or so, SUVs have slowly but surely been replaced by pickup trucks. While pickup trucks were perceived as work equipment for the longest time, they eventually became part of the mainstream after their utility side and edgy looks started attracting the average motorist. Today, it is more common to see white collar individuals using pickup trucks as daily drivers.

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Wanting to get a piece of the cake, several car manufacturers had a go at producing their own pickup trucks. While some companies and their trucks were extremely successful, some of the biggest pickup truck flops ever were witnessed during the onset of the pickup truck craze. The vast majority of those flops have been forgotten, however, it is good to remember that car companies sometimes miss the mark.

10 2001 Lincoln Blackwood

2002 Lincoln Blackwood 2 Cropped
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There are only a handful of luxury brands stemming from America. Europeans will argue that nothing that comes out of America comes close to what German and Italian car manufacturers offer. However, brands such as Lincoln and Cadillac have shown the world that domestic companies were fully capable of producing luxury cars. Similar to other brands, Cadillac and Lincoln made some mistakes along the way.

2002 Lincoln Blackwood Cropped
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The Lincoln Blackwood must be one of the worst pickup trucks of the 21st century. Unlike the Lincoln Mark LT, the Blackwood was an oddity that should have never left the design room. Being a mix between a Ford F-150 and a Lincoln Navigator, the Blackwood is an unnecessary luxury truck that just looks cheap. The truck was discontinued after a year.

9 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

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Ford does not need an introduction when it comes to pickup trucks. Since 1948, the American giant has provided us with some of the sturdiest and respectable work trucks ever made. In the most recent years, Ford moved towards manufacturing trucks for gearheads looking for performance and adrenaline rush. While F-Series trucks are beyond amazing, other trucks made by Ford are simply not living up to anybody’s expectations.

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2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Cropped
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While Ford did a great job with the F-150 SVT Lightning, it did not put much effort into developing the Explorer Sport Trac. In production for five years, the Explorer Sport Trac was originally made to rival domestic mid-sized trucks, and of course, Toyota’s Tacoma. The 4.0-liter V6 found on the Sport Trac is simply not powerful enough. The bed is also too small to haul anything of substantial size.

8 2006 Dodge Dakota

2006 Dodge Dakota Cropped
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Back in the early 2000s, Dodge created the ultimate muscle truck. As a matter of fact, it would be fair to designate the Dodge Ram SRT-10 as a super-truck. Fitted with the 8.3-liter Chrysler V10 found on the third-gen Dodge Viper, the Ram SRT-10 remains until today one of the most outlandish pickup trucks ever made. Around the same time, Dodge also released a truck that should simply be forgotten.

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2006 Dodge Dakota 2 Cropped
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The 2006 Dodge Dakota is another attempt by a domestic car manufacturer to infiltrate the mid-size truck market. While Dodge was doing a decent job with the Ram, it completely failed with the Dakota. The third generation Dakota is an atrocity on every level. The truck is an aesthetic failure. Moreover, the Dakota is subject to several major mechanical issues, thus making it highly unreliable.

7 2006 Hummer H2 SUT

2006 Hummer H2 SUT 2 Cropped
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Founded in the early ’90s, Hummer was by definition the pinnacle of American opulence. One of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorite off-road vehicle brands, Hummer embodied America’s power on foreign battlefields and being the number one nation in the world. In reality, Hummer vehicles tend to be somewhat disappointing.

2006 Hummer H2 SUT Cropped
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The Hummer H2 SUT would be one of the worst trucks for war. In fact, it’s one of the worst trucks for anything. In essence, the H2 SUT is completely useless, as the bed cannot accommodate anything. Absolutely nothing. On top of being impractical, the H2 SUT will simply crumble off-road. To add insult to injury, the H2 SUT comes with a humongous 6.0-liter V8 that goes through a full tank in the blink of an eye.

6 2007 Nissan Frontier

2007 Nissan Frontier Cropped (1)
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Nissan is one of Japan’s most prominent carmakers. Over the last 60 years or so, the Japanese automaker has produced some truly remarkable cars. From the Skyline GTR to the 350Z, Nissan never failed to provide JDM fans with cars that would put American muscle cars to shame. Nissan did venture out in the pickup truck market. The company was never capable of rivaling Toyota’s Tacoma.

2007 Nissan Frontier 2 Cropped
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The Nissan Frontier should have been the logical answer to the Tacoma. However, Nissan completely dropped the ball with the third generation Frontier. The mechanical issues faced by the Frontier were so numerous that maintaining the truck ended up costing more than its actual price. Even if the previous generations were sturdy and overall well-designed, the third-gen Frontier is a huge let-down.

5 2009 Honda Ridgeline

2009 Honda Ridgeline 2 Cropped
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Honda has earned a horrendous reputation since it released its contemporary Civic. Despite being offered in the States since the early ’70s, the more recent Civics have destroyed Honda’s image in America. However, Honda cars should not be defined by the Civic. Cars such as the NSX or the S2000 have shown that Honda had some serious vehicles in its previous lineups. It is fair to say that the NSX and the S2000 were the exceptions rather than the norm.

2009 Honda Ridgeline Cropped
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The Ridgeline is the type of truck that absolutely no one is interested in. The Ridgeline looks more like an urban utility vehicle rather than an off-road ready machine that can navigate any terrain with ease.

4 2016 Dacia Duster Oroch

2016 Dacia Duster Oroch Cropped
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Dacia may not ring a bell to domestic car enthusiasts. A subsidiary of French carmaker Renault, Dacia is marketed in developing countries or as a bottom-tier brand in Europe. Dacia may not be the sort of brand genuine car aficionados would go for, as the majority of their vehicles are somewhat disappointing.

2016 Dacia Duster Oroch 2 Cropped
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The Dacia Duster Oroch should not even be considered as a pickup truck. At first glance, any car fan will agree that the Duster Oroch is a tiny crossover with a bed. The Oroch may be appropriate in markets where motorists simply cannot afford more respectable mid-size trucks such as the Tacoma or the Ranger. The Oroch comes at best with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine.

3 2016 Isuzu D-Max

2016 Isuzu D-Max Cropped
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Isuzu may seem like an obscure company for the average domestic car fan. Though the Japanese company used to commercialize passenger vehicles in America until 2009, the brand essentially remained under the radar. In the developing world, Isuzu is quite popular. Mostly known for its heavy-duty commercial trucks, the company also offers SUVs and pickup trucks.

2016 Isuzu D-Max 2 Cropped
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The D-Max is a Tacoma wannabe that simply falls apart after a couple of years. While not available in the States, the D-Max fights abroad against the Ford Ranger Raptor and the Toyota Hilux. Despite being a Japanese vehicle, the D-Max is an atrocity that true off-road fans should never consider purchasing. Moreover, the D-Max loses all its value as soon as its owners drive it off the lot.

2 2020 Foton Grand General

2020 Foton Grand General Cropped
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The Chinese car industry is quite interesting. In the most recent years, the majority of new players have banked on electric vehicles, ranging from the average urban car to the track-ready beast. While the industry is booming, it seems that most Chinese car companies have hired designers that graduated in copy and paste. Chinese copycats are a dime a dozen, and they are beyond hilarious.

2020 Foton Grand General 2 Cropped
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The Foton Grand General is the type of Chinese copycats that are not fooling anyone. In fact, it is fair to say that the Grand General is one of the worst Chinese knockoff vehicles. Anyone will immediately recognize the items borrowed from the Ford F-150 Raptor. Forget about the Coyote engine here. The Grand General comes with a lousy turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine.

1 2021 Geely Farizon FX

2021 Farizon FX Geely Cropped
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Cadillac started the luxury pickup truck craze in the States. The 2001 Cadillac Escalade EXT was the very first luxury pickup truck ever made domestically. Unlike Ford’s F-Series or Chevy’s Silverado, the Escalade EXT was not made to be used as a work truck. As a matter of fact, the Escalade EXT became very popular among rappers and was featured in every single music video of the early 2000s. The Chinese tried to recreate the same concept.

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2021 Farizon FX Geely 2 Cropped
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The Farizon FX is a mind-boggling pickup truck that gearheads should never consider buying. Following the same formula adopted by Cadillac with the Escalade, the Farizon FX is essentially an abject failure. It is as if the designers took an SUV and slapped a completely useless bed in the back. This monstrosity has not made it to the US market, and gearheads should be grateful for that.

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